Carey Scott

Carey's goal is to reach right to the heart of an audience, reminding women that no matter what they’ve been through – or what they’re currently struggling with – our God is bigger. Even more, His plans are to restore His children regardless of the chaos and pain of their journey.

No matter where they are in life or in their walk with Jesus, Carey's desire is for every woman in your group to easily relate to what she shares and teaches. Carey connects with women right where they are in life, making them feel seen and heard. Because we all need hope and encouragement, that is exactly what she infuses into your group.

Carey purposes to strike the perfect balance between Biblical examples and scripture, personal testimonies, and challenging questions for the audience… all sprinkled with humor and honesty. She never speaks from a place of perfection, sounding like she has it all figured out. Instead, Carey links arms with women and walks onto the battlefield together.

Carey's hope is to provide practical ways to apply Biblical promises and principles to life today. And in the end, your audience will leave:

  1. Empowered to place their identity in Christ… rather than in the world.
  2. Embracing the truth that it’s ok to be a “work-in-progress.”
  3. Energized to stand strong in the storms of life.

...Carey is passionate and sincere about helping women get “Untangled”; She delivered a wonderful message of hope and was a pure delight to work with! I highly recommend her as an outstanding speaker...
— --Bonnie Estabrook Executive Director JOY International

Keynotes . . .


"...there is nothing common about who we are or what each one of our lives will look like, but the beauty of who we are is walking in his will by saying yes no matter what."

--Shari Rigby, actress, director, speaker, and writer

Uncommon: Choosing to live with purpose and passion

Based upon Carey's book UnCommon, this talk will challenge you to:

  • See the ways you are living common lives out of habit
  • Find the confidence to stand strong against the cultural norm
  • Embrace the call to live with purpose and passion, not perfection
  • Use your words and action to points others to God

"Carey's transparency is permission for women to gently unwrap our own areas of insecurity. her faith leads us to change and freedom." 

--Amy Carroll, speaker and author

Loosening the Knots That Tangle Your Self-Worth

Based upon Carey's book UnTangled, this talk will challenge you to:

  • See the self-esteem crushing lies you’ve been believing and where they’ve come from
  • Replace the pursuit of performance and perfection with your God-given purpose
  • Find the confidence to be who God created you to be
  • Learn how to manage the tangles when they begin to tighten

Untangling Shame

Shame is that 5-letter word that can sometimes feel more like a 4-letter word. This talk will challenge you to:

  • Learn the difference between shame and guilt
  • Identify the shame-messages that are stealing your joy and confidence
  • Invite God into your tangles so you can find lasting freedom
  • Understand you were Divinely created on purpose for purpose, and the Creator delights in you!

The Power of Forgiveness

Seriously. Who WANTS to forgive someone’s whose hurt them? We feel like letting it go means we think they’re blameless. But God knows that until we forgive, we’ll stay knotted up inside. This talk will make the case for forgiveness, and will encourage you to:

  • Discover where you are holding onto offense
  • Uncover the lies that are keeping you from releasing the hurt and pain
  • See the reasons God commands us to forgive and understand the blessings that come from it
  • Learn practical ways to walk it out in relationships and circumstances

Overcoming the Fear Factor

Fear is a big deal. Truth be told, we all struggle with it.  But God is clear in his Word that fear is not from Him. So what do we do? This talk will help you:

  • Explore the fears breaking your spirit and weakening your spine
  • Understand what the Bible says about this topic
  • Learn the difference between good fear and fear that tangles your self-worth
  • Discover practical steps to keep fear from ruling in your life

Holiday Help: How to Keep Your Tinsel From Getting Tangled

‘Tis the season for family, fun, food, friends… and so often frustration! How can we stay focused on Jesus rather than get wrapped up in the wrong things? This talk will help you:

  • Identify those people and situations that are potentially tangling
  • Learn practical strategies to help navigate difficulties
  • Find ways to have sweet moments with Jesus
  • Be a blessing to those around you
  • Enjoy the holiday rather than dread them
(Carey will provide attendee notes for each session and post-session group discussion questions upon request.)