Cindy Nyberg

Cindy is known to truly connect and engage with women of all ages no matter how large or small the group. When all is said and done you will often see Cindy in heart-to-heart conversations with other women, continuing the ministry work that Christ put before her. 

With over thirty (30) years of public speaking experience and a radio background, Cindy brings quality communication experience to the platform. In addition to speaking, Cindy also blogs on her website and is currently working on a 31-day devotional for women and another for teen girls.

Admittedly, she says her one and only hobby is enjoying great conversation with friends over a good cup of coffee.

Cindy and her husband Tracy were married in 1995. They reside in Nebraska with their four children, Kateland, Olivia, Revin, and Marivel.

Only one life ‘twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.
— Charles Studd

Speaking Topics . . .

  • Faith and Prayer
  • Christian disciplines
  • Marriage and Family
  • Relationships
  • Broadcasting and Communications


Prepared Messages . . .

A Note on Cindy:
Cindy will customize her message for groups. Feel free to discuss that as a possibility for your event. Topics may include:  Anxiety, Anger, Addiction (food), Depression, Fear, Forgiveness, Homeschooling/Christian Schooling, Military Deployment of Spouse, Genuine Motivation for Service, Work Outside the Home Mom and more... 

Love and Respect: Letting the Gospel Touch Your Heart, Home, and Every Relationship

Through her powerful and personal testimony about her day of reckoning with the Cross of Christ Jesus, Cindy presents a message of how after years of following Christ, she discovered how little she knew about the personal impact the Cross of Christ had for her. She loves to share about the tender time of breaking from the stronghold of pride and being compassionately built back up by the Lord because she came face to face with her own sin in relationships. When a person comes face to face with the reality of what Christ's sacrifice on the cross means for them they cannot help but walk away challenged and compelled. Let Cindy deliver a meaningful and personal message about true Cross Centered Living.


Lay Down Your Burdens, Pick Up Your Cross

During this message, Cindy discusses the fact that many Christians have wandered from our first love, Jesus Christ. Over the course of time it is easy to develop blind spots. During a discussion and worship time, Cindy will lead the group to pause intentionally in contemplation of the Cross and how it's message speaks to us day after day. Through God's Spirit and the scriptures individuals will have an opportunity to lay down there burdens at His feet. Find hope restored through His all sufficient sacrifice and in the truth of the empty tomb. Cindy encourages finding refreshment in our relationship with Christ once again because of His never ending grace and mercy. Participants will search the scriptures for direction on how to be aware of the pitfalls and keep their eyes on truth! Now THAT is Good News! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is our foundation for living.


Basic Gospel Presentation: The 5 Main Steps that Everyone Stands on Between Life and Death

In her Basic Gospel Presentation, Cindy uses the 5 Steps from the Step Up To Life Ministry curriculum.

She weaves in her own testimony adding appropriate relational stories depending upon the audience.

Endorsements for Cindy Nyberg

“Cindy is a godly woman with genuine faith in Jesus Christ and love for the Gospel. She is not only able to handle the Word faithfully, but she is gifted at connecting with her audience in compelling ways.”       

~ Pastor Keet Redden, head pastor Stromsburg Evangelical Free Church


“When Cindy speaks she goes right to your heart . . . Finding speakers that do not waver from the Truth of God’s Word is becoming less common, Cindy is a true gem.”              

~ Emily Peterson, former MOPS Coordinator


“Cindy has done a phenomenal job presenting at our Middle School Retreats. She presents truth and love of the gospel message in a clear and relatable way that was also challenging. Cindy was very prompt and flexible in preparations for both of our events. She reflected a humble attitude of service the entire time.”                               

~ Levi Landrigan, Program Director of Timberlake Ranch Camp


“Cindy has a great sense of humor that makes her speeches very lively, but at the same time very convicting. To me a great speaker can make you laugh and cry and Cindy can do just that.”                

~ Amanda McLean, Current MOPS Coordinator


“I have found Cindy’s speaking style to be very engaging across generational lines. All of her points are founded in the scriptures and she has put in the time and effort it takes to understand those scriptures in proper context. Teaching scripture with practical actions and results takes both gifting and hard work. In my mind, I see both of these in Cindy when she speaks.”                                               

~ Lige H. Reed, Pastor of Family Ministries; Minden, Nebraska


“Cindy was a vibrant and dynamic speaker, easily capturing the attention of the class. Her careful study of the Word and her infectious love of God showed in her speaking and her writing. Her cheerful and bubbly nature brings the joy of Christ to every conversation.”                                                  

~ Kaitlin Flynn, English Teacher and Women of Vision Instructor at Nebraska Christian Schools