Dennis Worden

Dennis, author of The Rancher’s Gift, a motivated, visionary leader, is known for his ability to encourage Christians of all ages to discover their life purpose.

As a keynote speaker Dennis uses his 40 years of leadership experience and down home, rancher delivery, to inspire the audience with life experiences that produce relevant and meaningful change.

His [Dennis’] unique style of delivery is captivating and inspiring
— Tony May, MayDay Productions

During his 24 years in commercial Christian radio, Dennis served as General Manager of three major market stations, KKIM - Albuquerque, KCFO/KAKC -Tulsa, and KKLA -Los Angeles, before becoming Vice President of National Programming for the Salem Communications Corporation.

Dennis joined John Maxwell to serve as International Director of Partners in Prayer, fulfilling a lifetime goal of John Maxwell to raise up over one million prayer partners for pastors. As CEO of Maximum Impact Group, Dennis led The Duncan Group, Catalyst event, Leadercast, and the Maximum Impact Club. In 2006 Dennis formed Worden Associates and in 2015, Ignite Advisory Group.

The Rancher’s Gift, is his message, in story form of discovering how to find life purpose. Whether for a men’s group, women’s group, home schoolers convention, etc. his message is impactful, memorable, effective and life changing. His positive attitude, ease of connecting with any audience, passion and energy are infectious and inspirational.

Dennis and his wife, Gayle, live in Johns Creek, GA, along with their three married daughters and ten grandkids. All are active members of North Point Community Church.

Dennis is driven to add value to any organization he serves. With a servant leaders heart and an understanding of what it takes to generate response.
— Dr. John C. Maxwell, Author/Speaker

Book . . .


The Rancher’s Gift: A Modern Day Parable of Living a Life on Purpose

We are not promised more than today. Thus we need to live our legacy now, with focus and integrity. 
Ryan Westcott is ready to step into the family business, armed with a fresh MBA degree from a prestigious business school. Yet his father has other ideas. He feels Ryan needs more education—but not the kind one gets from a school. Ryan is sent to his uncle’s Montana ranch to learn, in short, how to be a man. 
While Ryan helps his uncle build a barn, he learns life lessons about health, work, finances, education, selflessness, humility, and most important of all, love. 
Ryan meets the richest man in the county, only to find riches are not always counted in dollars and cents. And then there is Kayla, the pretty country lass who awakens deep feelings in Ryan he never knew he had, and challenges him to live a life of true purpose. Along the trail, Ryan meets one more person, one who will upend all else and change his life forever. 
There is more to life than just what we see in our limited view. Come travel the “Big Sky” country with Ryan, and find the purposeful life that awaits you.

Message Topics . . .

  • Living Life on Purpose

  • Developing Your Personal Life Plan

Dennis' personal goal is to live his life by leading others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and finding fulfillment in living a life that brings glory to the Father.

Endorsements . . . 

Wow, ladies, you will find yourself quickly immersed in “The Rancher’s Gift.” Even with a guy as a main character it hit so many notes in me as a woman. You will love this story about what really matters in life.
— Shaunti Feldhahn, Best-Selling Author of "For Women Only" and "The Kindness Challenge"
‘The Rancher’s Gift’ will take your imagination on a wonderfully engaging journey, cuasing you to pause and reflect on life’s biggest questions along the way. If there was ever a book that was worth the time it took to read, this is it.
— Dr. Todd Cartmell, child psychologist and author of "8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids"
‘The Rancher’s Gift’ is a fascinating and compelling tale that is sure to show you a new pathway to deeper meaning and purpose in your life. Don’t miss out on this compelling message.
— Les Parrott, PhD, #1 New York Times bestselling author of "The Good Fight"
This amazing story will make you realize what is most important in life as a father’s love reaches deep within your heart.
— Laurie Calzada, Entrepreneur, Author, and International Speaker
Heartwarming, inspirational and real world, “The Rancher’s Gift” provides powerful principles for pursuing and achieving a successful life with purpose.
— Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman, author of the national bestseller "Never Fly Solo"
Our minds are wired for good storytelling, and Dennis Worden and Jeff Dunn are great storytellers! But beyond just being drawn into this terrific narrative, you will find the principles for life and purpose are spilling out of this book. You’ll love it, and you’ll be glad you read it!
— Clay Scroggins, lead pastor, North Point Community Church