Event Services.


Event Table Services

Signal's partnership with Givington's enables our authors and speakers the freedom to do what they do best--share their message.

While you prepare for an event, our friends at Givington's will provide you with a special arrangement: book warehousing, shipment of books ahead of you to an event, and provision of a merchandise table kit complete with a cash box and credit card scanner. All that is left for you to do other than share your message is place a warm body at the table! 

Givington's even supplies the package to return the event table kit to their office. After all is complete, they'll share a sales report and issue you your sales royalties.

Unique approach

empowers authors and organizations to expand their influence and amplify their reach.

Online Store Fulfillment

Through our pals at, you guessed it--Givington's--our speakers and authors are provided another unique opportunity, this time for online book order fulfillment. Givington's warehouses a selected quantity of your books then monitors your online store orders each morning. They fulfill these orders for you leaving you free to speak, write, and be with your family. They even manage the finances and bookkeeping sending you a royalty check upon accumulative sales.

Contact Givington's today and be sure to tell them Electric Moon Publishing/Signal Speakers sent you!