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Matt Ham

Your whole life matters. But if you’re like Matt, you’re so busy that you’ve forgotten what that really means.

Unintentionally, we lose sight of what truly matters in life and buy in to the lie that professional success will yield personal fulfillment. In short, we do more as a way to be more. But that’s a vicious cycle that leaves us exhausted.

For years, Matt thought a six-figure income would help validate who he was, so he masked his pursuit within the nobility of providing for his family and living a good life. Beneath it all, he was afraid—afraid of poverty and the opinions of others.

It took a family member’s suicide, going broke, nearly losing his marriage, and a cancer diagnosis for God to finally get his attention. The truth is, the busyness of life had drowned out His (God's) voice.

Over the past few years, Matt has dedicated himself to living this reality in the trenches and writing about what he's learning. As a husband, father to four, small-business owner, author, and speaker, there are constant demands on his time and energy. The struggle is real, but living whole is not impossible. A whole, healthy life begins with perspective.

In the fall of 2013, Matt started with three goals:

  • to be authentic,
  • to be engaging, and
  • to be helpful.

He brings a fresh perspective to the table that challenges the way we think about faith and the big questions we so often overlook.

Is there an identity and purpose for your life beyond your career?

What story is your life telling and does that story matter?

Is God real and is His word applicable in the midst of your crazy, busy life?

Does God really have a plan for you?

YouPrint: Blueprints for Life


In the fall of 2016, Matt co-founded YouPrint, a faith development organization to bridge the gap between Sundays. At YouPrint, they focus on one-to-one mentoring to help people discover their life’s unique and individual purpose. In addition, YouPrint provides transformational resources to help you get unstuck and thrive in your gifts.

The heart behind Matt's passion is simple: Your whole life matters. God is at work and He wants to leave His fingerprints on the world through yours. Your life is telling an amazing story. Matt can help you understand that story better as a way to cultivate wholeness in your own life and thrive in your God-given design.

I’m glad you’re here and I look forward to walking with you.

Redefine Rich: A New Perspective on the Good Life


In the midst of cancer and death, a small-business owner and father to three young children discovers four principles that guide him toward a new definition of what it means to be rich. With heart-warming stories and dynamic storytelling Matt shares the adventure of living richly and uncovering a more authentic life in the process.

When you order below, you’ll receive a signed copy along with the RICH Principles pocket card. And, to give you an sneak peek at the book while you wait, we will send you an digital copy absolutely free.

“Matt’s exuberant faith is a serious breath of fresh air willing to chase down daylight and wrestle it free from the darkest of circumstances.” 
Kevin Adams, Author of The Extravagant Fool (Zondervan)
“A clear picture of richness that collides with what rich seems to be. The stories provide clarity and the practical steps provide hope.” 
Mike Ashcraft, Senior Pastor and Author of My One Word (Zondervan)
“An adventure that you’ll immensely enjoy, and from which you’ll greatly benefit!” 
– Tom Morris, International Speaker and Author of True Success


Sermons, Conferences, College Ministries, Spiritual Development Series, and Men’s Retreats

My first book, Redefine Rich, tells the story of how I came to understand a deeper, more intimate relationship with God while on a journey to understand words spoken to my dying aunt.

Teaching Series:

  • The Prodigal Son and the Rich Young Ruler

This fresh approach on these two stories provides an interesting twist about the prodigal in all of us and our unwillingness to lay down the treasures of the world. But what if the Rich Young Ruler, who was unwilling to let it go, lost it all and finally returned home to his father? This series deals with surrender and affection and cultivating a fresh approach on returning to the Father.

  • Fruit Doesn’t Grow in the Microwave

In a fast-food, microwave culture, we have to remember that fruit doesn’t grow in the microwave and nothing healthy comes through the drive-thru. God is slow and deep. The enemy is fast and shallow. In a fast, shallow world, we have to tap into planting seeds and letting them grow. This series deals with patience and allowing God the space to work.

  • The RICH Principles (see below for more details) that I share in the book are rooted in the message of the Gospel that we are called to live humble, generous, and grateful lives as we impact those around us for the Kingdom.

God has used this message and this ministry to impact people on both a personal and emotional level, allowing them to see the power of the gospel lived out.

“Matt’s stories and practical steps provide hope.”
– Mike Ashcraft | Senior Pastor, Port City Community Church

Matt can convert his corporate speaking topics into a sermon series preached with Biblical references customized for Christians. Ask for more details!


Keynotes, Workshops, Kickoff Events, Team Building, Annual Conferences, Association Meetings

I believe that whole, healthy people are the foundation of a whole, healthy organization. Since 2013, I have been speaking to a diverse group of corporate clients about the importance of creating a whole, healthy environment for their people to thrive.

With dynamic storytelling, humor, and heart-felt passion, I connect with audiences in a powerful way that provides a memorable experience which leads to lasting change. And, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, I know the challenges that both individuals and organizations face because I’ve actually lived them.

As a speaker, it is my goal to:

1. Provide a dynamic experience on-stage

Whether in a keynote setting or a smaller, more intimate workshop, I promise to share stories and humor, that will engage people on a personal level. This type of intimate, authentic approach provides something everyone can grab hold to and learn from.

2. An engaging experience off-stage

As an event organizer, there are countless details to manage. It is my goal to make the process easy and enjoyable. I don’t just speak and run, I actually spend time with your people in conversation to learn what challenges they face and help provide encouragement for them to move forward.

  • The Myth of Life Balance: How to Live Whole

Too often, we live segregated, compartmentalized lives that leave us stressed an exhausted. Even worse, we try to address the problem by living a more balanced life. This pursuit of balance in our work, our family, and our faith, only leaves us longing for more. But what if balance isn’t the answer? Instead of living a balance life, what if we learned what it means to live whole. In our companies and organizations, what would it look like to create a vibrant culture, one filled with whole, healthy individuals? This powerful keynote is filled with stories of living in the pursuit of wholeness and will leave the audience wrestling with a new perspective.

  • More Than Motivation: Why Motivation is a Myth

If you’re looking to motivate yourself or your employees, stop. Motivation isn’t the answer. Instead, there is a three part process to develop people to their fullest capacity. This process allows people to thrive in their gifts and live the life of impact they were created for. Learn how to use inspiration, encouragement and teaching to draw the very best out of yourself and those around you.

  • You Matter: Understanding Your Distinct Imprint

You were created with genius inside of you. And the proof is found in your thumbprint. Of the 6+ billion people on the face of the planet, your thumbprint is unique. You are unique. It’s time to discover your genius and uncover your “Why”. In a world that tires to convince you that your life and your story don’t matter, this is a bold reminder that you do. Be empowered and leave a legacy that changes generations.

  • Redefine Rich: A New Perspective On The Good Life

We all have a natural curiosity about richness. Whether material possessions or financial security, there’s a built-in desire for what those things promise. What if there is a way to reconcile our longing for richness to include a much deeper, well-rounded life? These surprising stories and insights will enrich your life and prepare you to enrich others in the process.

  • Stop Being Effective: Go From Doing More to Being More

Instead of To-Do Lists, what if we made To-Be Lists? Stephen Covey introduced us to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as a way to jumpstart our doing. But have you ever wondered if effectiveness isn’t really the goal? Instead of living effective lives, what if we chose to live faithful ones? In this perspective-shifting talk, Matt introduces the 7 Habits of Highly Faithful People and uses the gospel to undergird and challenge our favorite personal development principles. Do less. Be more.

  • No Capes: Becoming the Real You

Have you ever thought about the fact that superheroes dress up like average, everyday individuals to hide their identity? But isn’t it curious that average, everyday individuals often attempt to dress up like superheroes because they’re afraid of being, well, average? In this keynote, Matt delivers an upside-down approach to the roles we play in our everyday lives. Instead of seeking to put on another cape and prance around in a false identity, what would it look like to live authentically within our unique design? If you’re looking to ignite your gifts and passions, it’s time to take the cape off.



Being rich isn’t about what you have or what you do, it’s who you are. It’s about living a whole life—a life undivided and untethered to someone else’s opinion. Instead of compartmentalizing life into manageable categories and stressing to balance it all, we need to learn how to live whole.

But the real challenge isn’t knowing how to live, the real challenge is actually living that way.

As a husband, father, and entrepreneur, I have had to learn how to live these principles out in the real world—a world full of struggles and circumstances that keep us divided.

If you’re in need of a fresh perspective or someone who can encourage you on your own journey, I can help. Instead of living as a victim to your circumstances, I can help you live above them.


Matt engages his audience using humor, real life stories, and thought provoking questions. He is able to blend teaching with emotion so the takeaways are permanent. Our group left feeling inspired to climb to a higher plateau both professionally and personally.

—Kelli Miller Lazzaro, Membership Director for the Country Club of Landfall

A testimony to Matt’s ability to connect to people and touch them where it matters, was the very long line that formed at the end of the program to meet him, thank him, and get a signed copy of his wonderful book, Redefine Rich. His story, and his heartfelt and inspiring presentation, gave encouragement and hope to everyone in the audience. If you want to discover why your whole life truly does matter and give the people in your organization something they can use to propel forward with true breakthroughs, Matt Ham can help you get there. 

—Anne Shaw, Interim State Director, Small Business Center, Coastal Carolina Community College

Matt Ham really “gets” the struggle that we—especially entrepreneurs—face in maintaining balance between our faith, our family, and our careers. The idea of designing your life with balance and purpose has never been more important than in today’s fast paced, competitive world of deadlines and constant connectivity. Redefine Rich is one of my top books of all time on this topic and Matt was an incredible speaker who was able to connect with our agents and our leadership in a way that was very motivating and very uplifting.

—Ladd Gasparovic, Owner, Managing Partner, Keller Williams Realty

I wanted to tell you how impressed our group was with Matt’s presentation. He added encouragement, counsel, and, most importantly, a fresh perspective to everyone in the room. Our entire group was drawn into your stories, at times becoming emotional as Matt connected with them. This emotional connection is what causes change and growth.

Thanks for making our company better!

—John Pinter, VP of Sales,Red Dirt Realty

We get busy in life. Matt reminds us of why we dedicate ourselves to something other than ourselves.

Robert Wagnon, CEO, Republic State Mortgage

Matt’s charisma, stories, and powerful content were a home run with our folks. He is a must!
—JP Blevins | Vice President of Sales, Live Oak Bank