All of our speakers are Signal Approved.*

*Signal Approved speakers are those who have been vetted by our team through a personal interview, skills review process, and reference panel. Each are under contract with Signal and are ready to be the headliner at your next event!


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How does Signal Speakers work?

At Signal, your event is our priority. 

We understand that you have spent countless hours working overtime to put this event together. After hours of late phone calls, group texts, frantic emails and planning sessions, your event is finally coming together. You’ve worked on the venue, the decorations, the marketing and it’s all so close to being complete.

The one thing you have not had to stress about in this entire process has been your speaker.  That’s because you booked your speaker through Signal.

Here are four (4) ways you can count on Signal Speakers:

1. The right speaker for your event, no matter what you need.

  • Signal has pulled together a stable of speakers that spans areas of expertise across the board. With everything from Biblical teaching, parenting, marriage, anxiety and depression, writing, encouragement, support, leadership, and sports, our speakers can maximize the impact of your event with your audience.

2. High quality character and message.

  • From the beginning of the process, we are engaged with the speaker to ensure their character, expertise and the message that they will be sharing with your organization. Before we sign our speakers, we get to know them on a highly detailed, extensive level. We learn not only their ‘story’, but their testimony and get to know their expertise in their areas. We only sign speakers to our Signal team once we feel one hundred percent confident in them representing Signal Speakers.

3. Streamlined booking process. 

  • There are a lot of moving parts involved in organizing an event. We know that you work hard to ensure that every detail from beginning to end is perfect. With open communication, we will work with you to make sure specific details and needs regarding your event are covered with the speaker.

4. Client satisfaction.

  • Signal relies on word of mouth and positive referrals to grow our speaking network.  This means we work hard to make sure that your event has powerful impact and leaves the audience moved, engaged, and energized.  We go the extra mile and prioritize every event as if it were our own.

Need to hear more? We’re happy to talk further with you or provide references and endorsements. Click HERE to make your requests.

The Team



Laree Lindburg

Owner / Manager

As the owner of Signal, Laree has her fingers in most everything. She runs the parent company, Electric Moon Publishing, LLC., and works diligently to assist those with skilled voices and solid messages to share their wisdom through paper, media, and microphones.

Dennis Worden

Strategic Partner / Ignite Advisory Group

Dennis has mastered that art of maximizing non-traditional media and traditional media, resulting in successful marketing campaigns.  Known as a motivated, visionary leader Dennis has experience at building strong and loyal collaborative relationships. He is an outstanding communicator in encouraging individuals and organizations to press beyond mediocrity and rise to excellence.


Matt Morrison

Lead Sales Agent

Usually the first person you'll talk to, Matt is a genuine joy and is eager to help match you with your perfect event speaker. He'll explain the strategy and steps Signal uses to bring the best speaker to your event.




Book Publishing Services, Event Table Services & Online Bookstore Fulfillment, and Complete Event Management Services

Electric Moon Publishing and Signal are partner companies. Emoon lends Signal her graphic design help and book publishing services benefiting our speakers and authors.

Givington's provides a simple solution for Event Book Sales and Book Warehousing and Fulfillment for online stores. Check out Publish and Event Services for more details.

IgniteEventPros is an event management company that specializes in providing professional event management services throughout the United States.  Whether you are looking for a great location to organize a special training program or conference we would be delighted to be your event partner and can guarantee the best service any company has to offer.